A note to the Marathoners-in-training

Yesterday, as I was driving over to the spot on Beacon Street where we've been setting up our water stop for Boston Marathoners-in-training, I found myself cruising down the quiet city streets wearing a happy little grin. It was a dreary morning, 7:30am, not even 12 degrees, and I was about post up in the cold for the next couple of hours. Still, I was brimming with excitement, feeling frustrated as I hit red light block after block going through the Back Bay. I just couldn't wait to get out there for what's starting to feel like "our" crowd of runners.

I pulled up, popped out of the car and began to get our station together. A new friend of Blue Trailer's, out early on her run braving the frigid weather, not only gave a friendly greeting but also stopped to help me set up the folding table. Yes - in the midst of a training run not less than eight miles - maybe more, she went out of her way to lend a hand! I say it all the time and it's really so, so true: runners are amazing (shout out to you Lucy!).

Marissa and I cheered on Team BMC, ALS TDI, Run for Research, and probably a few more charity teams and a number of qualifiers, giving them water (when it wasn't frozen!), Advil, and pretzels and Swedish Fish for fuel on what was for many their first of many long runs for this year's Marathon.

These Saturday mornings are quickly becoming what I look forward to most each week. For me, there is no better source of pure inspiration than these folks. Pushing through low temps, snow storms, and aching muscles, and often at the same time raising thousands of dollars for non-profits that depend significantly on these funds, they still manage to run by with smiles. They are incredible people doing incredible things, and I am just so happy that my company and I get to be a very small part of it.

So for now, I'd just like to say thank you runners... and see you next week!

President + Founder